The Garden Is A Growing

Hello folks. I finally have some progress to talk about. With the rainstorm the other day, my plants got an extra boost. After I uploaded my photos, I accidentally chose insert gallery so it is going to be a little disjointed between my writings and pics, but hopefully you can follow me okay.

Top row L to R

The first picture is what I like to call my lettuce row: Arugula on the left and SSE Lettuce mix on the right. The arugula  desperately needs to be picked and made into pesto, but I haven’t had time. I’m actually debating on letting it go to seed and reseed itself. The second picture is of the Arugula and the third is a close up of my Peas. They are growing a bunch and so hopefully they’ll start to produce. My youngest loves peas, and my whole family loves sugar snap peas (I stir fry them and they are delicious!).

Second row L to R

In the first photo, it is my plot with lettuce and broccoli and then nasturtiums/zinnias and marigolds. The broccoli is still growing but hasn’t started to make broccoli yet. It may get too hot for that to happen. Luckily most of it is shaded so maybe that will help.  The second picture is of my topsy turvy (out of order-sorry). The tomato plant is growing bigger but doing the craziest thing. The stem has made a U shape and is now growing right side up, upside down. Anyone else experience that before? The last picture is of my plot with beans, cucumbers, radishes, and the nasturtiums/zinnias and marigolds. The radishes are definitely ready to be picked, but I planted them just for the cucumber’s health. They are too spicy for us. The beans look like they should start producing soon. I guess I am a little anxious. 😉

Third row L to R + one more

The first picture is a close up of one of the radishes. I love that I planted them so I can feel like my garden is producing something so early on. They are very rewarding. Too bad we don’t eat them. They will just go to seed to deter those cucumber beetles. The second picture is of my tomato plants. They have definitely grown in the last week and I think those pvc pipes are really helping. The plants are bigger (slowly of course) and seem greener. I’m sure the good dirt helps too. The last picture in this row is of a Zinnia that managed to grow up from last year’s crop in a totally different location. One of the advantages of letting things go to seed. Look at the size of that stalk! Finally, the picture in the last row is of another random Zinnia that I found growing in my carrot row (which is slowing growing but not pictured).

So the garden is a growing and hopefully will keep getting bigger. I really need to weed it this weekend, but so far I haven’t noticed many bugs.

Stay tuned~


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One response to “The Garden Is A Growing

  1. It looks great!

    Weeding–my least favorite part. 😉

    Have a wonderful day!

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