A quick update

So sorry about the lack of posts around here. I have been swamped with work lately and have not been able to catch up. A good problem to have I guess. 🙂 Anyway, I thought I would write a quick update on my garden, but without pictures.

My peas are still producing, not a ton and I’m sure it is the hot weather. My carrots are still growing, and my Arugula is going to seed. It will be interesting to see where Arugula pops up in the garden. My Zinnias, Marigolds and Nasturtium are all blooming and growing like crazy. The butterflies and bees are loving it (among other bugs). My lettuce is doing well still (with the help of the broccoli for shade). My broccoli has grown and is being love on by bugs, but has not produced yet. My neighbor who planted hers by seedlings has Broccoli right now, so we will see if my Broccoli (planted by seed and is pretty big) will actually produce anything still. My beans are out of control. I learned last week that I am pretty allergic to Green Beans so I will be giving them to my neighbors whenever I actually have time to harvest them. Considering the plants themselves give me a bad rash, I haven’t been really worried about that though. 🙂 My radishes are going to seed and my cucumbers are starting to flower. We had to build a bigger trellis structure for them (and the peas too), and I still need to tweak them a bit. Some of my cucumber plants are turning yellow so I’m not sure if it’s because of water or disease. There are blooms and some cucumber plants look healthy so maybe the plants are too crowded. Anyone have experience with overcrowded vegetables? I’m considering thinning them out. My tomato plants are growing still and have a ton of blooms and are starting to fruit. I pulled up one plant that either got sick or is not right for my zone. I also cut off some brown leaves on one plant, and see some yellow leaves on some others. They are on the bottom/older leaves of the plant. I am wondering if it is early blight or a fungus so I may spray them with some fungicide just in case. They are huge and starting to produce so I hope they can hang in there. This application would be my first of the season for any pest/disease. Also, I read that you can sprinkle dry milk around tomato plants to give them extra calcium. I did that today so I hope that works. Last time I used a milk type of substance on a plant (I made a spray for my potted plants last year and it attracted a ton of ants), so we will see if it helps. My topsy turvy tomato plant is starting to fruit and so that is exciting. Does anyone have any recommendations for tomato diseases? Any special tips or tricks or should I just ignore the yellow leaves?

Hope everyone else’s garden is growing well!


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