Why hello there

So I actually have a few kid-free moments right now (pre-bedtime) and so I thought I’d drop a quick note on how my garden is doing. I need to take some pictures to show you, but want to wait a little longer for some more progress.

I ended up pulling out all of the Nasturtiums in my garden and recently tore out my flowering radishes. They are/were supposed to help deter cucumber beetles, but I’ve been having severe allergies this summer and whenever I’d be near them I would start wheezing. So, I figure I will just take my chances with the cucumber beetles. Fortunately seeds are not too expensive and this is more of a hobby than a livelihood so I am okay with taking some risk. 🙂 So my tomatoes are rocking. Lots of fruit, but none have ripened yet. I found only a few hornworms so far, so I hope they don’t get worse. I also see some spots which I assume might be early blight so I just have been trimming those pieces off. Not sure if that is recommended, but if it is a disease it makes sense to me to remove it so it can’t spread. Topsy Turvy planter is still doing good- just one fruit so far, but still growing. A lot of my plants have gone to see from the heat. My Peas are gone, Arugula is gone, and so is my Broccoli. My broccoli didn’t turn out so well, but I planted it from seed at the end of March so it was a gamble from the start. Plus, I am just happy that is actually produced any broccoli (think small). My lettuce has started going to seed, and my beans have been neglected lately. I really need to pick them so they can keep producing, but I wanted to tear out all of the plants I suspect are giving me troubles. I actually think I am just allergic to North Carolina! 😉 Okay, maybe a stretch, but I am grateful for allergy medicine. Anyway, I forgot to plant my Okra this year, but my cucumbers are growing and flowering (no fruit yet). So I’m hoping they will start producing asap. Once that happens I will be up to my neck in tomatoes and cucumbers. Let the adventures in canning begin (once that starts)!

I did have a question for my gardening friends. What do you do when your vegetables stop producing or pass their prime? Do you pull them out or let them go to seed? The nice thing about letting things grow is that they provide extra shade, but I wanted to get other input.

P.S. My Zinnias are still rocking- even if the Japanese Beetles are devouring them like crazy. Oh and the marigolds are doing well too. 🙂

P.P.S. Stay cool out there! I’m praying for rain for those fires in the West.


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