Finally…a few pics!


Okay, so I dug out my Canon powershot and took some pics of my garden. I have a Canon Rebel-which I love- but the pics are so big that I have to resize them in photoshop to post online. Hence my lack of pictures around here…(lack of time that is).

These are just of my tomatoes and cucumber plants, and a couple of my gardening BFFs…..

My topsy turvy! Look at the size of that ‘mater! This is Amish Paste.

One of my tomato plants. See that yardstick? I put it in the ground to measure water- and then it got stuck. Whoops! (I’m just glad it didn’t kill the plant)

My other tomato plants. There are three of them here and they are intertwined. I guess 2 feet between plants wasn’t enough space this year. =)

My cucumber corner… We had to add that wire frame  because they outgrew our trellis’.

Close up of my poor cucumbers. Stupid cucumber beetles. I hope they can keep on growing and living a long fruitful life. Please? Please? Please?

And here are a few of my gardening BFFs…


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