Happy 4th Everyone! A garden update

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great 4th of July. We are going to a bbq and go swimming for our fun activity.

Garden is doing okay…biggest things now are the Tomatoes and Cucumbers. I also ate some broccoli the other day from my garden, but it was just a one person serving’s worth. 🙂

My tomatoes are doing well, but my tallest plant had a setback this week. The top toppled over! It had overgrown the cage I had for it by a few feet and snapped over (Cherokee Purple) so I had to cut it off. I also had to support the growth beyond the cage with some twine so those stay in tact. The fruit is getting big- but hasn’t ripened yet. So, hopefully that will happen soon. I added some pine needles around the base of the plants since it is so so hot here and has been for a week now. I also gave it a little fertilizer because I thought it might need it, but used an organic one with low levels of everything. I also keep pruning off leaves which I suspect have early blight so keep that at bay…and I think my topsy turvy might have versculium (sp?) wilt. Some of the leaves are yellow. Of course that could be operator error (my most frequent problem) and I have been overwatering it, so I’m trying to lighten that up. It does have fruit (a large one at that) and has started to produce more fruit so I just trimmed off the yellow branches and will see what happens! I may have to trash it at the end of the season though. Don’t want to infect a future plant.

My cucumbers are growing and now have both male and female flowers! yay! Of course since I had to chop down all my radishes that I had planted, I have now noticed yellow spots on my cucumber plants (mainly lower leaves). Researched online and my educated guess is Bacterial wilt. I haven’t treated my garden at all for any pests, so I am going to spray the cucumbers down with Neem Oil spray and hope that helps reduce the beetles so maybe it won’t kill all my plants and future fruits.

So that’s it for me! I hope your garden is growing great! My most favorite and least favorite part of gardening is the trial and error. Of course, once I fix the operator error I would probably be more successful!

PS I am thinking of buying a water meter. Anyone else use one? Is is worth it??


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