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Lettuce Learn How To Wash Produce

As parents become more concerned with pesticides on their produce, here is a handy guide from NPR for how to wash those fruits and veggies.

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Parade Magazine’s Back- to- School Kids’ Health Quiz

Parade magazine has a great quiz for parents to learn more about their children’s health. The quiz contains questions like, Which essential vitamin are 70 percent of kids not getting enough of?, Your child’s backpack should never exceed what percent of his weight? and What’s the most common chronic childhood disease?

Think you know the answers to these (and much more)? Well, take this quiz and put your cursor where your mouth is….

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5 Easy Steps To Create a Safer, Healthier Environment for Your Child

Help make your home safer for you and your children. Follow these 5 Easy Steps from Healthy Child Healthy World.

Step 1: Avoid Pesticides

Weeds, bugs, rodents – we call them pests for a reason. No one wants them around. But the convenience offered by a pesticide’s quick fix has its price. Pesticides are poisons, and in most cases, their negative effects can far outweigh any positives of being rid of the pests. Pesticides have been linked to a range of health problems, including asthma, hyperactivity and behavior problems, cancer, learning disabilities, reproductive disorders, and compromised brain development. Click  here  to find out What To Do.

Step 2: Use Non-Toxic Products Continue reading

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